Joy Division fans launch campaign to buy Ian Curtis’s house

Ian Curtis
Ian Curtis

Ian Curtis’s former home in Macclesfield is currently for sale

Fans are attempting to raise £150,000K via crowdfunding to turn Ian Curtis’ home in Macclesfield into a Joy Division museum

ampaigners are attempting to raise funds to buy Ian Curtis’s old house and turn it into a museum to prevent it being developed. The home is where the Joy Division frontman lived in the late 70s with his wife and child before taking his own life in 1980, aged just 23. The estate agents handling the property do not mention the house’s musical associations, instead talking about its enviable location on a quiet street.

Zak Davies, who started the campaign says: “As important as every member of Joy Division was to the band, one member that made the difference was Ian Curtis. The troubled yet gifted singer and lead guitarist has impacted upon so many people’s lives.

“Recently his final home and the place where he spent his final moments has gone up for sale in Macclesfield. Rather than it be taken by developers or sold for development, we feel a place with such cultural significance… deserves to be made into a museum and somewhere that Joy Division fans from around the world can come to pay respects and learn about Ian Curtis.”

In an interview with The Guardian in 2010, after a proposed exhibition in Macclesfield about Curtis’s life fell through due to lack of funding, former bandmate Peter Hook said: “I’m sick of people saying they’re going to celebrate Ian and it falling through.” The current campaign was started on 13 February and has so far raised over £600. It will close on 30 March at midnight.

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