EXCLUSIVE VIDEO! ‘See.Us.Live’ by Claffy


Claffy fuses rock, soul and jazz

In tonight’s exclusive video we offer you up an artist that’ll have fans of both jazz and rock positively cooing

Alexander Claffy comes from a musical background, as the song of a vocalist mother and pianist father. It’s of little surprise then that a combination of this and his joy of telling a story and have people listen to it, has led him to pursue a career in music, with jazz being his chosen area.

It could though have been so different, with Claffy initially inspired by the rockier vibes of Eric Clapton and Robert Plant, as well as the smooth soulful tones of Marvin Gaye. It was on hearing John Coltrane that Claffy became more drawn to jazz and edged towards a fusion of styles. The result of this is his upcoming debut album CLAFFY, which is released this Friday, 26 February.

Speaking of the album, Claffy says: “Releasing this LP is a huge moment for me as it marks the culmination of both a musical and emotional journey. The process of writing, arranging, recording and producing the record has been years in the making. Emotionally, this is my story of love and heartbreak, and the process helped me to heal and gain a deeper perspective on how it has shaped my life.”

In the video Claffy explains how he has arrived at his sound and just what it all means to him to be able to take his songwriting to people, while also treating you to the sort of fusion guitar licks that will have you waiting for the release of CLAFFY this Friday. As always though, don’t just take our word for it, hit play and make up your own mind…

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