Dylan announces album of Sinatra songs

frank sinatra and bob dylan
frank sinatra and bob dylan

Bob and Frank: a match made in heaven?

Bob Dylan’s next album ‘Shadows In The Night’ (due February) will see him ‘uncovering’ songs made famous by Frank Sinatra

Bob Dylan Shadows In The Nightob Dylan has announced details of his forthcoming 36th studio album – and it’s fair to say it’s something of a curveball. Scheduled for release in February, Shadows In Night will feature Dylan’s takes on songs that are mostly associated with (note: not necessarily written by) Ol’ Blue Eyes himself, Frank Sinatra.

This isn’t, however, a ‘covers album’, insists Dylan. “I don’t see myself as covering these songs in any way,” he said in a statement. “They’ve been covered enough. Buried, as a matter a fact. What me and my band are basically doing is uncovering them. Lifting them out of the grave and bringing them into the light of day.

“I’ve wanted to do something like this for a long time,” he added, “but was never brave enough to approach 30-piece complicated arrangements and refine them down for a five-piece band. That’s the key to all these performances.”

The full tracklisting will be as follows:

1. I’m A Fool To Want You
2. The Night We Called It A Day
3. Stay With Me
4. Autumn Leaves
5. Why Try To Change Me Now
6. Some Enchanted Evening
7. Full Moon And Empty Arms
8. Where Are You?
9. What’ll I Do
10. That Lucky Old Sun 

Dylan has recorded many cover versions over the years, but (at least as far as we can recall!) this is only his second full album of other people’s songs – the first being his 2009 charity Christmas album Christmas In The Heart. Cover versions did also, however, make up the lion’s share of 1970’s somewhat divisive Self-Portrait.

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