Damon Albarn on Brexit: “Democracy has failed us”

24 June, 2016 in News

Damon Albarn

Damon Albarn: “I have a very heavy heart today”. Image by Rama. Creative Commons

Blur frontman speaks out about UK’s decision to leave the EU following yesterday’s (23 June) referendum, during set at Glastonbury

Yesterday was always going to be a pivotal day in the history of the United Kingdom, after voters headed to the polls to decide upon the fate of their homeland’s place in the European Union, and Damon Albarn has been one of the first songwriters to voice his opinion on the result.

Speaking during his solo set at Glastonbury Festival this morning Albarn said: “I have a very heavy heart today, because to my mind, democracy has failed us. Democracy has failed us because we were ill-informed.”

Albarn added: “And I just want all of you to know, that when we leave here, we can change that decision. It is possible.” The Blur frontman did not expand on how the decision for the UK to leave the EU might be reversed.

The result of the UK referendum on membership of the EU saw 48.1% of people voting to remain in the EU and 51.9% voting to leave. The pound dropped to its lowest level since 1985 as a result and commentators have spoken of the severity of the results of the UK leaving the EU.

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