Classic Of The Week: Tubeway Army

"It's cold outside and the paint's peeling off of my walls"

“It’s cold outside, and the paint’s peeling off of my walls” Credit: Amy Hope Dermont

Our sublime autumn cover star, Gary Numan, provides a blinding slice of new wave synth-pop for this week’s frosty classic

Before he was the cover star of the Autumn 2017 edition of our digital magazine, Gary Numan was part of London new wave synth-pop troupe Tubeway Army. Are ‘Friends’ Electric? was one of four singles released by the band and was easily their most successful, making it to No 1 on the UK singles chart.

It’s brooding, clinical, and worms its way insidiously into your soul; it’s classic Numan. If you’ve heard it already then this will be a welcome reminder of the song’s towering excellence. If it’s your first listen, then you’re in for a real treat.

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