Classic Of The Week: Patsy Cline

Patsy Cline
I've got your picture She's got you

“I’ve got your picture She’s got you.” Credit: Shanecollinswiki

Brokenhearted? Feeling as though the earth below your feet has turned to dust? Then this week’s classic is for you

There’s many a great vocalist in music’s canon; past, present, and future. Some, though, just have the voice, the one that pours itself deep into your soul and immerses itself in your being. Patsy Cline had the voice of the brokenhearted.

The romance Cline sings of is made of the brittlest glass and her voice is the hammer that smashes it. She’s Got You is no exception and if you connect with the narrator then you’ll need someone to brush away the shards of your heart once Cline has finished.

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