Chvrches finish recording their second album


Chvrches: album number two will see “evolution not revolution”

The noted Scottish synth-pop group Chvrches have announced that they have now completed the recording of their long-awaited second album

aving exploded onto the scene with their acclaimed debut album The Bones Of What You Believe two years ago, Scottish synth-pop group Chvrches have announced that they’ve now completed the recording of their second album. Taking to Instagram to make the news known, the band posted an image of themselves with the caption “WHEN YOU ARE FINISHED RECORDING AN ALBUM AFTER 5 MONTHS IN THE STUDIO.” They have not yet confirmed a released date, but fans will hope that the album will be out soon.

Last year Chvrches released a pair of one-off tracks, with Get Away and Dead Air featuring on the soundtracks of Drive and The Hunger Games respectively, while in February of this year their song Tether was given the Eric Prydz treatment. When speaking to Gigwise last year, the band’s synth player Martin Doherty explained that album number two would see evolution not revolution, saying, “Everyone knows you don’t go mad weird until your third record. First album, you establish yourself, second album is similar but better and third album you can go as weird as you like.”

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