Björk hits out against sexism


Björk rails against sexism in the music and film industries. Image by deep_schismic. Creative Commons

Multi-platinum Icelandic songwriter calls out sexism in both the music and acting industries, labelling the music industry a “boys’ club”

She’s long been an artist who uses her fame to rail against injustices in the world, such as voicing her support for Kosovan and Tibetan independence, and now Björk’s taken aim at sexism within both the music and film industries.

Speaking during the Australian launch of her art exhibition Björk Digital, Björk said: “The fact I’m a woman and I can do what I do, it’s kind of unique, really. I’ve been really lucky. But I have been hitting walls. What’s really macho, for example, is music journalism. It’s really like a boys’ club. They like music that is… well, a lot of it is for boys.”

Turning her attention to the film industry, she spoke of her own experiences: “I couldn’t believe what it’s like for actresses. It’s just a nightmare how they’re treated. They have so little say in their career or roles they play as they get older. Guys can get older, but not women.”

Björk Digital is being held at Sydney gallery Carriageworks from 3-18 June and includes a number of installations from Björk’s 2015 album Vulnicura. Vulnicura made it to No 11 on the UK Albums Chart and No 20 on the US Billboard 200, as well as hitting the top stop in Björk’s homeland.

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