Björk announces her first collection of sheet music


You could soon be playing some of Björk’s classic songs. Image by deep_schismic. Creative Commons

If things are a little oh so quiet around your house then liven things up with some specialist sheet music

Björk is to release her first collection of sheet music. Titled 34 Scores For Piano, Organ, Harpsichord And Celeste, the book is due out on 5 June. The collection is a joint effort between the singer and long-time collaborator Jónas Sen.

Together the pair collected her string, choir, vocal and brass arrangements and scored them for keyboards. The project explores the difference between midi and classical notation. In true Björk fashion, the project has a deep artistic sentiment, but it also explores music education and how people learn songs; not content with people just listening to her music at home, she wants people to be able to play her songs too.

The singer explains: “I was curious about the difference of midi (digital notation) and classical notation and enthusiastic in blurring the lines and at which occasions and how one would share music in these new times.”

Continuing: “What is the difference of karaoke and the lyrical recitals of the 19th century? Maybe I should share digital notation that people could connect to their synths or do harpsichord versions of electronic beats to enjoy in the living rooms and hopefully families singalong to.”

Adding: “I sat down and wanted to decipher and re-evaluate what musical education meant to me. The frustrated musicologist in me went ahead and completed the educational biophilia which since has been taught all around the world and is now a permanent part of the Scandinavian curriculum.”

See below for a list of songs included in the book:

The Anchor Song – Debut
Venus As A Boy – Debut
Cover Me – Post
Isobel – Post
Bachelorette – Homogenic
Immature – Homogenic
Joga – Homogenic
Notget – Vulnicura
Unravel – Homogenic
I’ve Seen It All – Selmasongs
New World – Selmasongs
Aurora – Vespertine
Mother Heroic – B-Side to ‘Hidden Place’ Vespertine
Pagan Poetry – Vespertine
Sun In My Mouth – Vespertine
Desired Constellation – Medúlla
Oceania – Medúlla
Pleasure Is All Mine – Medúlla
Where Is The Line – Medúlla
Gratitude – Drawing Restraint 9 OST
Declare Independence – Volta
The Dull Flame Of Desire – Volta
My Juvenile – Volta
Pneumonia – Volta
Vertebrae by Ver
tebrae – Volta
Atom Dance – Vulnicura
Black Lake – Vulnicura
Stonemilker – Vulnicura

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