Babes In Toyland are to reunite

Babes In Toyland
Babes In Toyland

After being away for over a decade Babes In Toyland are to return next year

The much loved early 90s’ punk trio Babes In Toyland have confirmed they’re to reunite for a gig next February

abes In Toyland have confirmed that they will regroup next year for a February 12 performance at LA’s Roxy. The group will feature guitarist and lead vocalist Kat Bjelland , drummer Lori Barbero and Maureen Herman, who joined the trio in 1992 and replaced the bands original bassist Michelle Leon. This will see the group back together for the first time since 2001, having originally formed in 1987.

The band made their feelings on the reunion known in a press release made available this Monday. Kat Bjelland said, “It was brought to my attention that not only do we have a lot of diehard fans from back in the day, but also a whole new generation of kids–my son Henry included– that were eager to see us live. I felt some kind of obligation for them to see us, too. But mainly, I just missed my girls and the feeling that comes from playing with them–visceral live therapy.” Bassist Maureen Herman offered, “The first time we played together again, we weren’t sure what it would be like. After knocking the hell out of He’s My Thing on the first try, we knew this was going to be fun–and it was going to rock like a motherf***er.” While drummer Lori Barbero advised “Second time’s the charm.”

Babes In Toyland released three albums, 1990s’ Spanking Machine, followed two years later by Fontanelle, with their final record coming in 1995 in the form of Nemesisters. Though the band will be looking to write new material after reforming, February’s gig will be a crowd pleasing performance that will feature songs from the bands aforementioned three albums.

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