Aerosmith not breaking up?


2017 may not be farewell for Aerosmith after-all. Image by Julio Aprea. Creative Commons

Guitarist Joe Perry has suggested Steven Tyler’s claims of the band being set for a 2017 farewell tour are premature

Less than two weeks ago Aerosmith fans were coming to terms with singer Steven Tyler’s claim that they would be embarking on a 2017 farewell tour, having made the revelation to DJ Howard Stern. However guitarist Joe Perry has now suggested that it might not be the end of days for the band.

Speaking in Rolling Stone, Perry said: “At this point in our lives and career, maybe it is time to say ‘OK, it’s the end of this era – but there’s a new era on the horizon.’ So I don’t know if I’m comfortable saying ‘final tour’ and making a big deal out of it.”

Continuing: “If it was going to happen, we’re closer to it than any other time in our insane career. It’s an option. It could be the last, but it’s really hard for me to imagine a last gig, sorry.”

If Aerosmith were to call time on their career next year then it would be the culmination of a career that has lasted nearly 50 years, and seen the band release 12 multi-platinum albums in their US homeland.

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