You’ve Never Been So Alone by Swing Hero (EP)

3 January, 2015 in Music

Swing Hero

Swing Hero is the brainchild of Marshall Gallagher, ex member of Solar Bear and the touring guitarist of 3OH!3

Los Angeles based rock band Swing Hero have released a gloriously unapologetic heartbreak EP huge enough to fill any stadium

You've Never Been So Alone EP by Swing Herowing Hero is the brainchild of Marshall Gallagher, ex member of post hardcore outfit Solar Bear and the touring guitarist of electronic popsters 3OH!3. His new band are as good as a solo project, with Gallagher the sole permanent member but joined by Ben Scarboro on drums for this EP and together they have channelled elements of grunge and shoegaze to make a glorious racket.

There’s nothing too subtle happening over the course of these three tracks, big guitars collide with crashing drums and create a noise loud enough to contain Gallagher’s heartache and angst. On Interest he groans “she’s making all the wrong sounds / I’m faking all my interests now” and this anger is directed at disapproving parents on Grown Up “Your mother would be proud you finally cut him out/ she said you’d never find yourself while holding onto someone else”.

It is Gallagher’s commitment to his heartbreak that elevates this EP into something truly powerful. Rather than being mumbled into the ground, like so much of the grunge movement was, it is aimed at the back of a sold out arena. EP closer, Home Is Where You Fake It, is a stadium sized anthem with layers of dreamy guitar and drums building upon each other in glorious harmony.

You’ve Never Been So Alone will appeal to fans of Siamese Dream era The Smashing Pumpkins. It ebbs and flows and hypnotises you with its wall of shimmering noise and suggests that Swing Hero have great things in store for us all.

Verdict: 90’s grunge with its head held high.

Duncan Haskell

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