‘Your Own Accord’ by Sancho Panzer (Album)

Your Own Accord by Sancho Panzer
Sancho Panzer

Sancho Panzer: true pub-punk spirit

You’ll be sighing into your pint and lifting your drinking buddy from their barstool after hitting play on this record

Your Own Accord by Sancho PanzerDrawing influence from bands such as Refused, The King Blues, Gallows and Million Dead, Exeter trio Sancho Panzer offer 10 tracks of fists-in-the-air punk rock on their brand new album Your Own Accord.

For most bands the loss of their vocalist – as was the case for Sancho Panzer when Al Tickle left to start a family – would be the death of them. Not this trio. Rather than bringing in a new vocalist, each member stepped up to the plate and the result is that there’s a real arms around each other, sing-along quality to their music. This is evident on tracks such as Jonny Don’t Do Buses and The Ballad Of Billy McGee, which conjure images of bomber jackets, battered DMs, razor-shorn scalps and half nine at your local on a Saturday night, in true pub-punk spirit.

It’s not all abandon, though, as Sancho Panzer use their platform to tackle issues that belie the good temper of their music. For examples of this, see The Daily Mail being sent up on It Can Only Be So Good and UK MPs castigated for the expenses scandal in High Speed.

Your Own Accord is a highly enjoyable record by a band of commendable spirit. While it’s not going to win any prizes for originality, nor give Adele sleepless nights over the possibility of outstripping her record sales, that’s not the point. No, the key message you’ll find in these 10 tracks is punk’s spirit of community, and that should be enough to have any fan of the genre beaming.

Verdict: Punk rock solidarity burns fierce in this trio

Damien Girling

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