‘To Awake In That Heaven Of Freedom’ by King Champion Sounds (Album)

20 September, 2016 in Music

King Champion Sounds

King Champion Sounds: an array of guests turn up throughout this double album’s 19 tracks

Fusing together genres from jazz to alternative rock, this double-album has plenty to offer to those prepared to embrace it

King Champion Sounds 'To Awake In That Heaven Of Freedom' album artworkThe new album from Netherlands outfit King Champion Sounds is a sprawling collection of styles. It’s the album The Coral might have made had they read Michael Azzerrad’s Our Band Could Be Your Life and headed straight into the studio to record their own psyched-out version of underground rock, with a few other genres thrown in for good measure.

In fact some of the book’s major players actually feature on the album. J. Mascis lends additional guitar on the discordant opener Mice Rats Roaches and Mike Watt provides a cinematic voiceover on Smallest Tribe In The World. An array of other guests turn up throughout this double album’s 19 tracks, each one embracing the chaos and throwing themselves headfirst into the mix.

Of the other songs, Spy Soup adds a dash of funk to the recipe and Story Stuck’s horned opening breaks out into a rambunctiously rhythmic rocker. Osorio 1.2.3 comes across like a jazzed-up version of The Doors. There is so much to get to grips with, as each song brims with a thousand ideas. Ajay Saggar – who wrote, recorded and mixed the album – has let his imagination run wild and, along with his bandmates and collaborators, has dropped a blistering experiment in sound.

Verdict: Epic in scope and variety

Duncan Haskell

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