‘Throws’ by Throws (Album)

Throws album cover

Throws: former Tunng bandmates Mike Lindsay (left) and Sam Genders

Former Tunng bandmates Sam Genders and Mike Lindsay have reunited in Iceland to make an intriguing and atmospheric album together

Throws album coverThrows is something of a reunion record, the result of a magical Icelandic adventure by former Tunng bandmates Sam Genders and Mike Lindsay. It comes a decade after they last worked together on Good Arrows and is the sound of former partners getting reacquainted in an unfamiliar setting. It’s therefore no surprise that the album takes their familiar electro-folk sound and adds an experimental edge.

The first revelation is Genders’ voice, a falsetto croon which rises over spiralling guitars on opening track The Harbour. There’s plenty of variation between the tracks; the squelchy synth stomp of Knife merges into the sparse kitchen sink sci-fi of Sun Gun, Play The Part crackles with strange rhythms and closing track Under The Ice is a story to music, softly spoken with a pulsating beat welling beneath it.

The pair are clearly still able to create tantalizing atmospherics and, combined with some more playful soundscapes, this is an album that ripples with intrigue. As a duo, they bring out the best in each other, with Lindsay’s bed the perfect resting place for Gender’s searching lyrics. Their respective work with Tunng and Diagrams suggests that they don’t need each other to make meaningful music, but it’s reassuring to know that the option is still there.

Verdict: A relationship reformed, atmospherically

Duncan Haskell

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