The Wilderness by Cemeteries (Album)

Cemeteries The Wilderness


If it really is safer in the dreamy otherworldliness which seeps from the trees, then ‘The Wilderness’ provides the soundtrack

Cemeteries The Wilderness

emeteries’ debut long-player The Wilderness is the kind of music you want to wax poetical about. You can tell that the Cemeteries crept out of an urban landscape reclaimed by nature. I imagine the Summer Smoke drifting over lazy dandelion manes and larkspur while a group of teenagers huddle together. Their legs crossed over pastel Dr Marten’s, cigarettes rolled, hushed whispers about fantasy and faeries hiding in the cracks of tumbledown brick and mortar.

Listening to What Did You See I felt that I should be snuggling down under a blanket with a loved one and watching a Sophia Coppola film, toes tucked beneath to hide from grasping spectral fingertips. While the lyrics are spooky and ethereal, the music and tone accompanying gives you that daydream feel – on more than one occasion while listening to this album I found myself staring into space. I found myself listening to Roosting Towns more than once during this momentary lapse of concentration for nothing else other than to be absorbed by the synths creeping from my speakers.

Cemeteries are posing a question: what if it is safer in the trees and not in the rattling, gum-stained, gutter-punk dark streets of the cities? Reigle’s poetic lyrics are inspiring and cryptic, easily making a new, smokey mark on the dream pop subgenre. I’m definitely a new fan.

Verdict: Press play and slip away into never-neverland

Scarlett Parker

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