‘The Nordic Mellow’ by Siv Jakobsen (Album)

Siv Jakobsen ‘The Nordic Mellow’ album artwork
Siv Jakobsen Photo: Jorgen Nordby

Siv Jakobsen: has a message that she wants to share with the world. Photo: Jorgen Nordby

It’s clear this Norwegian singer knows the pain and anguish of loss; it lives in her music and poetic lyrics

Siv Jakobsen 'The Nordic Mellow' album artworkEvery piece of the jigsaw is present in Siv Jakobsen’s debut album The Nordic Mellow. From the acoustic guitar, the strings and even the drums. No instrument is out-of-place or over used, they work together to form effective music that enhances the lyrical beauty of her words.

From the start of opening song To Leave You, there is a stark similarity to artists like Laura Marling. The vocals are clear and crisp, positioned centrally and in front of accompanying instruments.

It’s obvious the words are the focal point; there is poetry running throughout the album, and sometimes the lyrics are almost spoken.

Jakobsen has a message that she wants to share with the world. That message seems to be about the usual consequences of love. But there is also a feeling that she is sharing the cold beauty of Norway with us.

The Nordic Mellow is a folk album, but it also has elements of modern pop music. The fact that Jakobsen has toured with the likes of British folk rockers Bear’s Den is an indication to her musical style. This is reflected in songs like Change and Shallow Dagger.

Far from warm and happy, these songs have a chill about them like they’ve been blown in on a bitter winter wind. If you need a moment to reflect on the past and work out your next move, then this could be the perfect soundtrack.

Verdict: Jakobsen’s emotions are raw and impossible to ignore

Dave Chrzanowski

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