‘The Courtneys II’ by The Courtneys (Album)

The Courtneys ‘The Courtneys ii’ album artwork
The Courtneys

The Courtneys: the Canadian power pop trio of Jen Twynn Payne, Courtney Loove and Sydney Koke.

Having signed to New Zealand’s legendary Flying Nun Records label, the Canadian trio return with an album of punky pop

The Courtneys 'The Courtneys ii' album artworkThe Canadian power pop trio of Courtney Loove (guitar), Sydney Koke (bass) and Jen Twynn Payne (vocals/ drums) are back. If you’re fond of their 2013 debut then you’ll be happy to know that they’re sticking to their formula of slightly distorted pop hooks. Though their influences tend to come from the early 90s, there’s enough 60s shine and C86 jangle to keep things interesting.

With only 10 songs, it’s an album that is easy to get to grips with. Country Song oozes with wanderlust, like a warped daydream. Lost Boys, the longest song on the album, has something of an 80s soundtrack quality to it, while the rapid Virgo is an ode to the wonders of TV. With a staccato vocal, Iron Deficiency, has a touch of post-punk nonchalance to it, whereas closing track Frankie is something of an instant classic. A driving rhythm leads the song over a cliff, Thelma & Louise style.

Sometimes you want bands to reinvent themselves with each new release. On other occasions, as is the case with The Courtneys, you’re just happy to re-enter their world and wrap yourself up in something warm and familiar – in this way The Courtneys II certainly delivers.

Verdict: Fuzzy and feel-good power pop

Duncan Haskell

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