‘Skylines’ by Living Dead Girl (Single)

Skylines by Living Dead Girl
Skylines by Living Dead Girl1

Living Dead Girl: “Soot black rhythms and gloomy melodies.”

Moody duo Living Dead Girl show that trip-hop is alive and kicking, at least when given an injection of synth-pop

Skylines by Living Dead GirlPortishead and Massive Attack are given as reference points for synth-pop duo Living Dead Girl’s debut single Skylines, though a more modern influence is clear to be heard in its doomy synth laden tones.

Blink and you’ll still catch it, because the influence of the excellent Purity Ring plays as much a role in Living Dead Girl’s music as does the trip-hop of Bristol’s finest. It’s not so much Depeche Mode gone doom, though, as it is Cranes at their cleanest, and means that their debut single has as much a place on the gothic indie kid’s playlist as it does with the chill-out crowd.

With soot-black rhythms and gloomy melodies, Skylines won’t have you reaching for the stars but searching down below. However, summer is long gone, and with winter coming this will be the perfect slice of pop to lace your cold ears with.

Verdict: Synth-pop meets trip-hop

Damien Girling

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