Propped Up by Mammoth Penguins (Single)

Mammoth Penguins-Propped Up
Mammoth Penguins

Mammoth Penguins “will have your head banging rather than hiding in your hands”

Single ‘Propped Up’ sets the scene perfectly for Mammoth Penguins’ soon to be released debut album ‘Hide And Seek‘

Mammoth Penguins-Propped Upou’d be forgiven for thinking that there’s something a little familiar about Mammoth Penguins’ single Propped Up. With its flailing vocals and bittersweet pop melodies, it sounds a little like Scottish indie-pop act The Spook School, but even more like Sheffield band Standard Fare.

It’s no surprise, then, to find that Mammoth Penguins are the new band of former Standard Fare frontwoman Emma Kupa. Like Kupa’s former band, Propped Up is chock-full of addictive chords and aching melodies. Where it differs is in its rockiness: with greater crunch than much Standard Fare, er, fare, it’s a song that delves more into indie-rock territory than Kupa’s previous songwriting and will have your head banging rather than hiding in your hands.

With their debut album Hide And Seek due out in just a month (10 July), Propped Up will have Kupa’s existing fans pepped up for its release, while suggesting that with Mammoth Penguins she’s about to win a whole new bunch of indie-pop admirers.

Verdict: A fine indie-pop songwriter shows she’s lost none of her verve

Damien Girling

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