‘No Smaller Than The World’ by Broom Bezzums (Album)

Broom Bezzums ‘No Smaller Than The World’ cover
Broom Bezzums

Broom Bezzums: now aiming to conquer the UK. Photo: Jolyon Holroyd

Having already conquered the German folk scene, this British act are ready to turn heads over here with their music

Broom Bezzums 'No Smaller Than The World' coverHaving taken the German folk scene by storm, and claimed the Record Critic’s Prize in the process, Broom Bezzums are now aiming to conquer the UK. Originally from Northumberland and the Black Country respectively, Andrew Cadie and Mark Bloomer have already had success overseas with No Smaller Than The World, a traditional sounding album that should find a home with fans of Show Of Hands.

It’s an album packed with clever little tricks. It starts with a Dobro adding a bluesy feel to Cold Winds Blow. On Here We Go Again the vocals replicate a jumping stylus as they repeat the line ‘The needle’s stuck again.’ A cascading piano accompanies Bloomer on Down By The River, leaping like salmon as it heads upstream. It’s this attention to details which makes it such an enjoyable listen, loaded with subtle treats.

As is often the case, the themes of traditional songs remain pertinent and none more so than the anti-war High Germany. ‘Cursed be the cruel wars that ever they began,’ remains a lyric for all. But it’s on the original compositions that Cadie and Bloomer make their presence known. The reggae-influenced The Drawbridge may be the best example, politically charged and vast in scope, it’s an anthem for these confused times and proof that Broom Bezzums deserve a place at folk’s top table.

Verdict: Cleverly constructed folk

Duncan Haskell

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