‘I See You’ by Silent Riders (Single)

Silent Riders ‘I See You’ single cover
Silent Riders

Silent Riders: Copenhagen-based trio of Lu, Gee and C

The first offering from this Danish three-piece manages to bristle with intrigue whilst sounding like the offspring of its influences

Silent Riders 'I See You' single coverThe debut single by the Copenhagen-based trio of Lu, Gee and C has a darkly cinematic feel from its inception. The sensual voice of Lu wrestles with an oppressive soundscape trying to smudge her out and lose her in the shadows but never quite manages to erase her completely.

The reference points are familiar, from the cinematic world of David Lynch to the work of Portishead it’s a path others have followed. Gee and C conjure up the brooding feel of the track, one which bristles with waves of synth which eventually fade out, having failed to claim their prize.

Though there are recognisable elements here, the trio create enough intrigue and fizzle to hold the listener’s interest. Whether or not they can maintain that over the distance of an album remains to be seen but we’re intrigued to find out.

Verdict: Brooding and cinematic

Duncan Haskell

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