Heliotrope by Netsuke (Single)


“A humming synth gives you something to dig your hips into”


London trio Netsuke announce themselves as the latest act to try the synth-addled pop approach to songwriting, leaving you giddy

inch yourself and you’ll take note of the six years that have passed since Animal Collective released their seminal album Merriweather Post Pavillion. Six years. London trio Netsuke have allowed themselves no such indulgence, as they demonstrate to expert pop effect on Heliotrope.

Opening with a clattering of atmospherics and then drawing in delicious vocal harmonies, the song could have been made by the aforesaid Baltimore collective. A humming synth gives you something to dig your hips into, before a well placed instrumental segment takes the edge off affairs. Heliotrope then slowly reels back its big pop charm before rolling into the ambience of its beginning. It closes by bringing the ridiculously catchy chorus to an abrupt close, giving the sense that Netsuke have told an genius anti-joke and left you wishing you’d guessed their punchline before it was revealed.

It’s not surprise that a trio who have supported Gold Panda would have such affection for distinctive synth-pop. What does surprise, though, is the confidence with which they wear their influences, as their brazen approach allows them to become their own act and create a track that’ll have you both sentimental and giddy for the future – with the band’s album out next year.

Verdict: Delicious and distinctive synth-pop

Damien Girling

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