From Safer Place by Fawn Spots (Album)

Fawn Spots From Safer Place
Fawn Spots

Two minutes is more than enough for the three-piece to let their searing songwriting take hold

Fawn Spots From Safer Place

The York trio Fawn Spots hit a fine post-hardcore stride on their impressively frenetic debut long player ‘From Safer Place’

ushing out with the frenzy of a band who’ve just had their instruments set alight, York punk trio Fawn Spots recall the energy of much loved 80s post-hardcore acts Rites Of Spring, while bringing the fractured time signatures of Farquet to the table as well.

Opener New Sense comes armed with a video that has the band scrabbling round a forest, and melodies that would happily sit on the debut LP of cult post-hardcore act Cap’N Jazz. At barely over two minutes it sets the tone for the album, with just the smouldering Black Water and slow-burning closer Basque Knife breaking the three-minute mark.

Two minutes though is more than enough for the three-piece to let their searing songwriting take hold, with hooks a-plenty hidden under the noise and bile. Particular highlights include the Minor Threat-inspired crunch of Natural Vision, the oddly soothing post-punk of the title track and Superchuck meets Jawbreaker instrumental In Front Of The Chesnut.

From Safer Place won’t be a record for all punk fans, with those who take American Idiot as Punk 101 likely to be put off by the sheer rawness of its 10 tracks. It is, however, a superb example of just how catchy clatter can be, and will have those who like their punk to be gritty and emotional reaching for their Bic razors and pawing into the mirror.

Verdcit: Blistering, emotive and jarring punk

Damien Girling

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