EXCLUSIVE! ‘The Other Side’ by Callaghan

23 May, 2017 in Music, News


Today’s exclusive song is from the wonderful, Callaghan

Today’s exclusive is by a BBC Radio 2 featured songwriter who writes tuneful pop music that we’re sure you’ll love

For you frequent readers of Songwriting, today’s exclusive artist will be quite familiar. We’ve introduced her, interviewed her, reviewed her and now we’re gifting you an exclusive song from the US-based British country music singer-songwriter Callaghan.

Of today’s song, The Other Side, Callaghan had this to say: “I tend to stay away from politics in my music. But having been in the UK for the referendum and the US for the elections I wanted to write a song that touched on how divided people have become, and how some political leaders offer simple solutions to very complex problems.”

She’s been likened to Sarah Mclachlan and Beth Nielsen Chapman. We’re not going to offer any argument to that. However, we are going to suggest that fans of Tori Amos and Amiee Mann will also enjoy The Other Side. But listen below for yourselves and make your own decision on those aforementioned comparisons…

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