EXCLUSIVE! ‘The Boulder & The Glass House’ by Ryan Hobler

Ryan Hobler
Ryan Hobler

New York troubabour Ryan Hobler. Pic by Shervin Lainez

This week’s exclusive – coming atcha on Monday due to Christmas and NYE – is from ‘Americana noir’ singer-songwriter Ryan Hobler

ue to both Christmas and New Year’s Day falling on a Thursday, we’ve shifted this week’s track exclusive to Monday, just this once. So today, Songwriting is proud to present an exclusive first listen to The Boulder & The Glass House by Ryan Hobler, a track taken from his forthcoming album The Elusive Yes.

Hobler describes his sound as ‘Americana noir’. A sound engineer by day, he’s spent his evenings for the best part of the past two decades gigging on the NYC live circuit, inspired by the likes of Paul Simon, Elliott Smith and Nick Drake. He describes The Boulder & The Glass House as “the sad story of a boulder who only knows how to break things, and a glass house who is doomed to be broken time and time again. The song was inspired by some particularly ugly arguments I’ve had that, honestly, I wish I could forget. The metaphors of the Boulder (aggression) and the Glass House (helplessness) seemed to really captured two opposing forces I often felt – sometimes simultaneously within me – during those unfortunate disagreements.”

And here, in all its wry, fingerpicked glory, it is…

If you enjoyed that, then you can keep up with Ryan on Facebook, on Twitter or at his own website.

The album The Elusive Yes by Ryan Hobler is out on 20 January

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