EXCLUSIVE! ‘Special Place’ by Terrace


Terrace want to make music that can “reference the past, lighten the future and live in the present”

We’re kicking off the march into the weekend with an exclusive track from the deliciously smooth Canadian pop group Terrace

e at Songwriting have never shied away from breaking with convention, especially when it’s for an artist whose music makes the case so effortlessly. Following hot on the heels of yesterday’s exclusive from the superb Emily Clibourn, today we bring you another ‘heard it here first’, with Special Place from the Canadian troupe Terrace.

Formed in 2010 by musical Swiss Army knife Simon Lock – who takes on vocal, guitar, keyboard and drum programming duties –and completed by Kalani Polson (drums, percussion) and Alex Cooper (guitar, keyboards, backing vocals), the group say they’re determined to break free of genre constraints, and make music that can “reference the past, lighten the future and live in the present”.

“As a band, we have one main goal,” says Simon, “which is to create and play unpretentious music that pays no attention to current fads. Rather than follow the rest of the herd, we pull strongly from our roots in house, techno, funk, disco, Britpop, post-punk and ambient and throw it all together in one ear-pleasing mix.”

Hear hear! But that’s more enough from us now. Hit play on Special Place below and you can decide on Terrace for yourselves. And if that catches your ear, their debut album We Fall Together is out now.

You can find out more about Terrace at their official website.

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