EXCLUSIVE! ‘Motion Sickness’ by Sam Tieger

12 September, 2016 in Music, News

Sam Tieger

Sam Tieger: “Motion Sickness is a song about a bumpy relationship.”

Tonight’s exclusive is a sublime pop number from a songwriter who grew up believing she was related to music royalty

That royalty was one John Lennon and Ohio songwriter Sam Tieger believed that he was a family member because a portrait of him was hung in the hallway of her home. Though Tieger would later learn that Lennon was not a family member, her interest in music had been stoked.

Her interest blossomed into the desire to become a songwriter after Tieger saw Taylor Swift performing at a Wal-Mart. Of the experience Tieger says: “Seems funny now, of course, but after seeing her at that show, I knew I wanted to do exactly what she was doing. I wanted to be up there, singing my songs, I knew it was my future.”

Aged 15 she recorded her first demo, but it was when she headed to college that she really fine-tuned her craft. Tieger studied by day and performed by night, opening for metal bands, R&B acts and other singer songwriters and honed the skills that have seen her develop into a gifted pop songwriter.

Motion Sickness is her new song and of the track she says: “Motion Sickness is a song about a bumpy relationship. About the highs and lows between you and another person. I loved creating this song because it’s so different from my previous songs. Sonically it is a blend of genres, a little pop, a lot of lyrics. The video is really about having fun & breaking some rules. My team and I went into downtown Cincinnati where I live and went into different office buildings and helped ourselves to the elevators. Some people were kind of shocked but ultimately I think they had fun when I broke into song. Hopefully I made some people happy about going to work that day!”

She’s been likened to Mandy Moore, Soren Bryce, Vanessa Carlton and while we agree with said comparisons, we also think that fans of Michelle Branch and Natasha Bedingfield will enjoy Tieger’s music. But what do we know? Not as much as you, that’s what. So listen below and make up your own mind…

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