EXCLUSIVE! ‘Mind On Fire’ by Brave The Night

Matt Bravman
Matt Bravman

Brave The Night: the piano man sings us a song…

It’s Thursday, which means we’ve got another exclusive ‘first listen’ for you! This week’s comes from NYC’s Brave The Night

his week’s Thursday track exclusive comes from Brave The Night, AKA New York-based singer-songwriter Matt Bravmann. Mind On Fire is the title track from his forthcoming EP, which will be out later this summer.

As well as being a singer-songwriter in his own right, Matt also works extensively as a session pianist for other artists. Perhaps that’s helped lead him to his unique style, which blends blues, rock, folk, jazz and pop influences. It’s certainly helped him build up a useful contacts book: for his debut EP, he’s called on the production talents of three-time Grammy-winning producer Andreas Mayer, alongside Kieran Kelly and Craig Levy, and he’s backed (on some tracks) by a 14-piece band.

Of today’s offering, Matt says: “Mind On Fire was one of those songs that came together really naturally. I realised pretty quickly after I began writing it that it had the spirit I wanted in the title track of the album. It’s an emotional song, even visceral; certainly more so than some of the other tracks that are a bit more restrained. It’s a good anchor for the album because it incorporates all the emotions and musical styles that went into the record as a whole.”

The hype sheet for this one recommends it to fans of “Norah Jones, Sting, Cat Stevens” – a pretty diverse line-up we’re sure you’ll agree! We can hear echoes of Don McLean and James Taylor, but perhaps you’d best make your own mind up…

Like that? Then find out more about Brave The Night on Soundcloud, on Facebook or at his official website

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