EXCLUSIVE! ‘Last Man Alive’ by Shakin’ Stevens

8 September, 2016 in Music, News

Shakin’ Stevens

You’ll bask in the bouncy melodies of ‘Last Man Alive’

Tonight’s exclusive comes from a songwriter who needs no announcement, what with a back catalogue that includes 33 hit singles

We brought you our extensive interview with the man barely a week ago and now tonight, because we’re so darn good to you, we bring you an exclusive single from the 80s’ songwriting megastar Shakin’ Stevens.

So just what’s so special about the man? He’s had 33 hit singles – including 4 UK No 1s – a trio of top 3 UK albums, sold millions of records and is as much a part of the Christmas furniture as stockings and mistletoe.

Last Man Alive is the final track on Shaky’s upcoming and much anticipated 12th studio album Echoes Of Our Times, which is released on 16 September via HEC and distributed through Right Track / Universal.

Speaking of Last Man Alive, Shaky says:

“You can’t think of the past without linking it to the future. There is a prophecy, accredited to the Native American Cree Indians that springs to mind.

“When all the trees have been cut down
When all the animals have been hunted
When all the waters are polluted
When all the air is unsafe to breathe
Only then will you discover that you cannot eat money

“Who will care, when there is only the last man alive?”

“It is apparent that every generation has its own trials and tribulations, but it also carries its own responsibilities. It was felt that the words from this song represent the changes and challenges that our particular generation carries on its shoulders. We need to wake up, and ‘smell the roses’.”

Frankly, he needs no comparative introduction. You’ve all heard Merry Christmas Everyone and those of you who claim you haven’t, well we just plain don’t believe you. Last Man Alive is much more up pace than Shaky’s Christmas ditty, but is just as hook-laden a track as you’d expect from the man. Don’t take our word for it, though, listen below and bask in the song’s bouncy melodies…

Like that? Then find Shakin’ Stevens on Twitter and Facebook or at his own website.

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