EXCLUSIVE! ‘Haunts’ (EP) by Copperfox


Copperfox, Nashville’s new dream-pop and shoegaze inspired talent

We’re so generous at Songwriting that not only do you get two exclusives this week, but tonight’s is an EP

Tonight’s exclusive comes from the Nashville based dream-pop and shoegaze inspired quartet Copperfox, who present you lucky listeners with a real treat by sharing their brilliant new four track EP Haunts.

Nashville’s not known for it’s shoegaze and dream-pop leanings, so it comes of little surprise to find that Copperfox’s lush soundscapes began in Portland. Initially a duo of a duo comprised of singer Lisa Garcia and guitarist Rory Mohon, it was upon moving south that Copperfox really found their sound. As Rory says: “When we moved to Nashville and added members, our sound naturally changed. Where we once had pedal steel giving atmosphere to the songs, we now had synths and that alone was a huge shift in our sound. We decided to dig deep and push our sound — Lisa leans more towards atmospheric music, so the transition was not only natural for her, but intentional.”

Haunts is Copperfox’s third release and Rory explains that it’s the result of the band developing and evolving their sound, stating: “My growing love for synthesizers helped me to look at songwriting from a different angle.”

We think that the end result is something very special, with the four tracks featuring the original takes of Warhorse and Feel In The Void and a D’ark remix of each of the two songs. Our personal favourite is the D’ark remix of Feel In The Void, with the fresh take giving it a Princess Chelsea meets My Bloody Valentine vibe.

As always, though, we’re handing the final assessment over to you…

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