EXCLUSIVE! ‘Full Of Texas’ by Comrad


Comrad: “I wanted the song to start with a guy who is kind of a jerk.”

Our very first exclusive of August is a melodic and airy folk track from the supremely gifted US songwriter Comrad

Sweet vocal harmonies and delicately plucked melodies abound on this track from the delightful folk songwriter Arthur Revechkis, aka Comrad. We anticipate you’ll be humming along to Full Of Texas long into the evening.

Full Of Texas is the latest offering from Stamford folky Arthur Revechkis. Taken from his upcoming debut Josh Sadlier-Brown EP 10 Feet Away, Revechkis here explains the inspiration behind the track:

“It all kind of came out at once. I wanted the song to start with a guy who is kind of a jerk and has very antiquated ideas of what a woman’s role should be in a relationship, but then turns out to just be very short and have trouble reaching basic household appliances. The reason he’s going to Texas is because when I pictured this character, I imagined him as Woody Allen in his movie Picking Up The Pieces. Kind of a short nebbishy cowboy.”

Revechkis draws influence from Tom Petty, Kansas, Paul Simon, Ani Difranco, Dave Matthews, Bill Evans and Regina Spektor. We think that fans of classic folk-pop will certainly enjoy Full Of Texas and add Don McClean and Cat Stevens to the aforementioned list of writers.

As always, though, we think far too highly of your eagle ears to force our view down your neck, and leave the final assessment up to you…

Like that? Then find Comrad on Facebook, Twitter and Soundcloud or at his own website.

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