EXCLUSIVE! ‘Come On’ by Deidre & the Dark

30 January, 2018 in Music, News

Deidre & the Dark

Today’s exclusive is from the wonderful, Deidre & the Dark. Credit: Kelly Bolter

Today we’re delighted to bring you a track by a splendid artist whose name belies a much sunnier musical style

Drawing inspiration from the cinematic sounds of the 60s, with a dash of soul thrown in for good measure, tonight’s exclusive is from the brilliant, Deidre Muro, AKA Deidre & the Dark. And you’ll be pleasantly surprised to discover her song is of a lighter tone than her name suggests.

Come On is the title of the song and of it Deidre says, “Come On is about running away together, fantasizing about a place where life could be better – even if it’s as far away as another universe.”

She’s been likened to Lucius, Jenny Lewis, and Emily Haines. We’re gonna let you make your mind up on those comparisons after you listen to the track…

Like that? Then you can find Deidre & the Dark on: Facebook, Twitter, Spotify, here, and her official website.

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