EXCLUSIVE! ‘Behemooth’ by Moulettes

31 March, 2016 in Music, News


Catch this exclusive track by eclectic quintet Moulettes

Our second exclusive of the week comes courtesy of a prog-folk collective who take a scientific approach to their songwriting

Tonight we have a real treat for you. From Brighton via Glastonbury is a quintet that dip their toes into a number of genres, with their style incorporating elements of folk, alt-rock, pop, pysch and kraut-rock.

Comprised of Hannah Miller (Cello, vocals, guitar), Ollie Austin (Drums, guitar, piano, vocals), Ruth Skipper (Bassoon, vocals, autoharp, synths), Jim Mortimore (Bass, Guitar, vocals) and Raevennan Husbandes (Electric Guitar, Vocals, Percussion), the group began playing together at school in Glastonbury. Departing the Somerset countryside for the musical hotbed of Brighton, the band have released four albums to date, with this year’s Preternatural the latest.

Behemooth opens Preternatural and is one of the defining moments of the record. Taking it’s influence from New Scientist, Miller says: “This track was inspired by a loud and unidentified sound recorded in the pacific called The Bloop and has been the talking point for many qualified and not so qualified people on the internet. This track came to represent the spirit of investigation for the whole album.”

Having shared a studio or performed with artists as diverse as Nick Cave, Seasick Steve, Bonobo, Mumford And Sons and The Levellers among others, there are many artists whom Moulettes have been likened to. We at Songwriting think that fans of Can and Faust will certainly be intrigued by this eclectic quintet. As always, though, we hand it over to your educated ears…

You can catch Moulettes on tour at the following venues:

The Brook, Southampton (21 April)
The Cellar, Oxford (22 April)
Islington Assembly, London (23 April)
Exchange, Bristol (24 April)
Apex, Burt St Edmunds (26 April)
The Dark Horse, Birmingham (27 April)
The Musician, Leicester (28 April)
The Mash House, Edinburgh (29 April)
The Duchess, York (3 May)
Greystones, Sheffield (4 May)
Band On The Wall, Manchester (5 May)
The Convent, Stroud (6 May)
Tolmen Centre, Falmouth (7 May)

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