EXCLUSIVE! ‘Beautiful Wonderful’ by Eddie Stoilow

Eddie Stoilow
Eddie Stoilow

Tonight’s exclusive is from the sublime Eddie Stoilow

Tonight’s exclusive track is from a sublime Eastern European group who’ve drawn comparison to some of rock-pop’s most successful groups

Czech Republic sextet Eddie Stoilow have been in the music business for over ten years, acquiring a devoted fanbase along the way that’s seen them become a fixture on their homeland’s radio. Tonight’s exclusive will show you just why that is.

Speaking of the sublime Beautiful Wonderful, Honza Žampa says: “The song is a heavy slow rotating track, describing a regret of a loss of a women that played the most important role in my life.”

They’ve been likened to OneRepublic, Coldplay and Maroon 5. We’re giving a resounding yes to those comparisons and are throwing Train and The Fray into the mix too, because we’re sure that fans of those band’s will love Beautiful Wonderful. But hey, what do we know? Not as much as you dear readers, so listen below and make the final assessment on the track yourselves…

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