Did It For You by VITAMIN (Single)


Will VITAMIN’s new single do it for you?

VITAMIN’S new track boasts indie-pop with summery dance influences that suggests they could be a household name in the future


our-piece VITAMIN describe themselves as evoking “a bohemian aura inspired by the beauty of nature and darkness that can exist beneath”. Despite the rather flowery vocabulary used to describe their music, though, the Leeds-based band undeniably bring a fresh energy to a well-trodden musical path. They supply bursts of nostalgic, summery sounding indie-pop, with a few previously unexplored influences in the mix.

New single Did It For You starts off with the delayed shoegaze guitar patterns, no-nonsense bass and catchy, shimmering electronics you’ve become accustomed too. In addition to the effortlessly harmonised vocals and catchy chorus, you have the ideal recipe for a run-of-the-mill indie band. But though obvious comparisons can be made to big shots of the genre such as The 1975 and Bombay Bicycle Club, the dance, funk and summery pop influences give them the leverage to become an identifiable band in their own right. This gives Did It For You a much more rounded sound than the majority of indie-pop bands out there.

The quartet clearly have an ear for cultivating their wide range of influences and working them into something palatable. Did It For You suggests that VITAMIN won’t be unknown for long.

Verdict: Indie with groove

Tilly Dowman

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