Cut The Grass/Kenworth by Cheatahs (Single)

Cheatahs Cut The Grass


Cheatahs set themselves up perfectly for playing SWN Festival & Wichita’s 13th Birthday Party with this excellent indie-rock double A-side

Cheatahs Cut The Grass

heatahs released two fine EPs in 2012, Coared and SANS, both of which hinted at an act with both feet planted firmly in the musical garden of the early 90s. One foot caught in the sludgy pop of grunge, and the other resting on the soft flower bed of shoegaze. Fans of the band’s earlier work won’t be disappointed with their new double A-side Cut The Grass/Kenworth single which is born of the same musical roots, but adds a little more to Cheatahs’ sound.

This addition is evident from the first moments of Cut The Grass, which has the sort of ringing, chilly atmospherics that made Interpol’s brilliant debut, Turn On The Bright Lights, such infectious listening. The guitars on Kenworth have a little more crunch to them, too, closer to the sort of abrasive crackle that saw The Horrors turn on a dark light with Primary Colours.

Though Cheatahs have nailed their primary colours very clearly to their songwriting mast – a dash of Nirvana together with a healthy dose of My Bloody Valentine. Their willingness to build upon those sturdy foundations with other influences continues to see them ahead of their indie-rock peers.

Verdict: Subtle growth is evident in the band’s already fine indie-rock songwriting

Damien Girling

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