‘Continental Drift’ by Various (EP)

Continental Drift EP cover
Continental Drift EP bands

Continental Drift EP bands (clockwise from top-left): Tigercats, The Spook School, Wildhoney and Mercury Girls

Two great indie labels bring together four bands and two continents for an epic sampler of 2016’s finest pop songs

Continental Drift EP coverFortuna POP! and Slumberland Records have teamed up alongside The Spook School, Tigercats, Wildhoney, and Mercury Girls to showcase some of the finest talent from the UK and USA, with each band contributing two tracks that won’t disappoint.

The UK pair hail from two of Britain’s capital cities, with The Spook School and Tigercats from Edinburgh and London respectively. The Scots offer a blend of tuneful and catchy pop, tackling issues such as gender and identity, while their English counterparts serve up effervescent pop with crunchy guitars.

From the other side of the pond, Baltimore indie-punks Wildhoney have been shoegazing since 2011, while post-punk supergroup, Mercury Girls have been turning heads with their latest single Ariana.

There is no doubt that this venture will prove to be anything but successful. It will certainly be a record that will be on constant repeat, while acting as a gateway into the careers of four bands that know their craft and execute it to perfection.

In summary: the guitar and bass tones on Wildhoney’s Horror Movie are lush and ripe, the Mercury Girls love to name songs after women, The Spook School are observant and optimistic, and Tigercat know how to write an anthem.

Verdict: An exciting showcase of pure talent

David Chrzanowski

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