Bodies by Slow Skies (Single)

Slow Skies ‘Bodies’ cover
Slow Skies

Slow Skies’ Bodies will make the hairs stand up on your neck

Irish duo Slow Skies share new track ‘Bodies’, giving more scope to their sound before the release of EP ‘Keepsake’

Slow Skies-Bodieslow Skies are a duo from Dublin – comprising Karen Sheridan and Conal Herron – and have supported the likes of St Vincent and James Vincent McMorrow. New single Bodies is an emotionally driven track from their forthcoming EP Keepsake, which explores a sadder and harder side, previously unseen by the pair.

Beginning with a simplistic acoustic guitar loop, which acts as the temporary backbone, it’s then layered with more technical acoustic patterns. Slow Skies are sure to be a hit with fans of folk-tinged bands that delve into sampling and guitar delays, but still have acoustic rhythms and emotional lyrics. Sheridan’s fragile and unique voice gives them an important trademark and in Bodies she uses it to manipulate you into a downbeat empathy.

The song builds slowly, discarding the acoustics and replacing them with clean electric guitar, layers of airy echoed effects and subtle vocal melodies. The song ends on a distorted crescendo, leaving Bodies with a rockier edge – rock isn’t usually expected in music of this ilk, but it really gels with Slow Skies’ sound.

Compared to previous releases from the duo, the whole song sounds both sturdier and more professional. It’s less like a dream and more like an ice-burn of reality, with lyrics to match.

Verdict: An emotional, vocally unique atmospheric indie track

Tilly Dowman

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