Aviators by The Hotelles (EP)

The Hotelles – Aviators/Ruins

The Hotelles

Youthful South London trio The Hotelles write crisp guitar pop that brings to mind both Supergrass and Bombay Bicycle Club

The Hotelles – Aviators/Ruins

h, to be young again! To feel the exuberance that comes from knowing that the whole world is stretched out before you, full of endless possibilities and the opportunity to grab whichever one of them you choose to make your own. The three brothers who make up South London indie-rock collective The Hotelles are young enough that their drummer probably gets asked for ID when he buys a pint of milk, but their music is vibrant and brimming with the energy of a trio eager to make their mark on life immediately.

Aviators opens with a riff, and tone, that’s eerily similar to Elastica’s classic single Connection, before settling into a sound that recalls Supergrass during the mischief of their first album, with the vocals a more sedate version of Gaz Coombes’ mischievous snarl. It’s a fine piece of guitar pop that will leave you smiling, the sort that will make people forget about spilling their drink as they rush from the bar to be at the front of the dance floor.

The band have very kindly made the track Ruins a free download. Ruins mixes the punch of Hard-Fi’s Hard To Beat with the groove of Interpol’s Evil, in a way that’s reminiscent of the early work of another precocious, youthful London group, Bombay Bicycle Club. You can grab it from their website, while the vaguely Wedding Present-esque Close To Tears completes the EP.

There’s much to admire about The Hotelles: their songwriting demonstrates real composure and assurance. Though this is the first I’ve heard of them, I suspect it won’t be the last.

Verdict: Vibrant and energetic guitar pop

Damien Girling

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