‘Attention Seeker’ by Felix Hagan & The Family (Album)

Felix Hagan & The Family ‘Attention Seeker’ album cover
Felix Hagan & The Family

Felix Hagan & The Family: a mix of glam, punk, camp pop-rock and high-energy

These theatrical glam rockers have already won the hearts and minds of fans, even picking up some famous admirers, too

Felix Hagan & The Family 'Attention Seeker' album coverFelix Hagan & The Family have produced a debut album that is eccentric, charming and sassy. It’s a mix of glam, punk, camp pop-rock and high-energy performances, blasted through a wind tunnel of glitter that will leave you speechless. 2016 saw the seven-piece support Frank Turner on his epic UK tour, winning the singer over instantly. And it’s not hard to hear why.

The album opens with the title track and it becomes clear the band have developed a signature sound. The synth and guitar form a pedestal for the vocals as they take centre stage, while the drums swirl and pop like strobe lights. The song wouldn’t be out of place on a musical soundtrack.

The World’s Yours continues with the West End dramatics. The production is immaculate, instruments don’t bleed into each other – a characteristic found throughout the album. Something else the band excel at is vocal harmonies, and with seven members there are plenty of opportunities to implement this skill. The band execute this perfectly on Babe I Ain’t Comin’, amongst others.

If this is what Felix Hagan & The Family can achieve in one album, then their live shows should be as magical and contagious as people are reporting. Every song on the album is as epic as the last, each one recorded as if it were Felix’s last.

Verdict: Songs without inhibitions

Dave Chrzanowski

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