A Taste Of Silver by Until The Ribbon Breaks (EP)

Until The Ribbon Breaks A Taste Of Silver

Until The Ribbon Breaks

The debut EP from Until The Ribbon Breaks fuses sample-based hip-hop with genuine lyricism – and succeeds where others have failed

Until The Ribbon Breaks A Taste Of Silver

any songwriters have tried and failed to fuse sample-laden hip-hop with intelligent, poetic vocals. Cardiff-based Until The Ribbon Breaks – real name Peter Lawrie Winfield – is a groundbreaking exception to the rule. His debut EP A Taste Of Silver is as eclectic as the artist himself, who is described as a producer, singer, songwriter, DJ and visual artist. It’s a homage to old school breaks, cleverly blending hip-hop, breakbeat, electronica and honest vocals into a exciting debut.

2025‘s dark, foreboding prologue punctuated with a crisp electro beat introduces the EP. It’s modern and understated allowing Lawrie’s elegant vocals to stand out. The looming, cinematic tone continues but the electro theme is quickly replaced by classic hip-hop.

Perspective harks back to the start of the century when the likes of DJ Shadow and RJD2 gave us sample-fuelled, old school mix-tapes. But Perspectives is clean and modern, and the chaotic samples have been tamed so that they work with, not against Lawrie’s dominant vocals. It’s downbeat hip-hop with a songwriter’s edge. Romeo continues the laidback, experimental hip-hop before Lawrie bumps up the vocals toward the end of the EP with the emotional, multi-layered Back To The Stars.

Lawrie’s background as a film-maker and visual artist come through in his music. The whole EP is moody and atmospheric. He has cleverly managed, however, to avoid turning Taste Of Silver into a cinematic score.

Verdict: Well constructed, intelligent hip-hop from a star in the making

Kieron Allen

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