Introducing the Lord of the voice

Sound Magic iVoiceLord
Sound Magic iVoiceLord

Sound Magic’s iVoiceLord combines a condenser mic with an HTML5 app designed for Apple iPhone and iPad

China-based Sound Magic announces the iVoiceLord, an HTML5 app controlled intelligent microphone that includes a Vocalist VST plugin with effects

hinese music software developer, Sound Magic has introduced the iVoiceLord intelligent microphone designed for use with smartphones and iPad. The microphone itself is a studio-quality condenser capsule with cardioid pick-up pattern, which is combined with an HTML5 app and a Vocalist VST plugin.

The HTML5 app works on Android and iOS smartphones and the iPad, allowing users to see how the sound changes with the height of the microphone, or the vocalist moves the mic around. Data is displayed on the screen when microphone is moved to a specific position and instructions are provided to help the user get their preferred sound.

The Vocalist VST plugin included also stores microphone performance data and combines effects units such as a De-esser, EQ, Compressor, Doubler and Reverb, which are all optimised for the human voice. The 3D Doubler produces a new vocal effect by revisiting the concept of the doubling process and expands the sound into a 3D space, so users can hear both the width and the depth of their vocal tracks.

Sound Magic’s iVoiceLord will be available in small quantities at a retail price of £99/€129/$149, with mass production expected to offer wider supply from late September. For more information, visit

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