Softube and Focusrite offer interface owners ‘time and tone’

Focusrite & Softube ‘Time and Tone’ bundle
Focusrite & Softube 'Time and Tone' bundle

The Focusrite & Softube ‘Time and Tone’ bundle: TSAR-1R Reverb, Tube Delay and Saturation Knob plug-ins

The software developer and the audio products group have teamed up to give audio interface owners an exclusive plug-in bundle

Swedish software developer Softube has announced that it has teamed up with audio products group Focusrite, to offer Scarlett, Saffire, and Clarett* audio interface owners an exclusive ‘Time and Tone’ Bundle, free of charge. Softube’s software package is valued at $198 and comprises three products: TSAR-1R Reverb, Tube Delay and Saturation Knob plug-ins.

TSAR-1R Reverb is a reverb plug-in with a single slider, which means users can journey from rooms to halls, adding space, depth, and width to the sound. Tube Delay is an echo effect that can go from clean to rude-sounding, by overdriving its three modelled tube stages. Saturation Knob is a modelled distortion output unit plug-in that adds grit and warmth. Users can turn up the knob to add saturation, and use the three-position switch to alter the distortion character.

These three plug-ins can be used together with Focusrite’s Red 2 and Red 3 Plug-in Suite, already included with its Scarlett, Saffire, and Clarett audio interfaces. For all purchases that were made on or after 1 September 2015, all registered Focusrite Scarlett, Saffire, and Clarett* customers can get Softube’s Time and Tone Bundle for free from their download area. For further details, visit:

*Eligible Focusrite audio interfaces: Scarlett Studio, Scarlett Solo Studio, Scarlett Solo, Scarlett 2i2, Scarlett 2i4, Scarlett 6i6, Scarlett 18i8, Scarlett 18i20, Saffire Pro 14, Saffire Pro 24, Saffire Pro 26, Saffire Pro 40, Liquid Saffire 56, Clarett 2Pre, Clarett 4Pre, Clarett 8Pre, and Clarett 8PreX.

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