Sennheiser refreshes the HD 500 range

Sennheiser HD500 headphone range
Sennheiser HD500 headphone range

Sennheiser’s refreshed HD 500 headphones range (left to right): 559, 569, 579 and 599

Four new headphones models are introduced featuring large cups, replaceable ear pads, new colour schemes and Ergonomic Acoustic Refinement technology

German audio equipment specialist, Sennheiser has launched the next generation of its HD 500 series headphone range. Powered by the manufacturer’s proprietary transducer technology, the new over-ear range includes three open-back designs – the HD 559, HD 579 and HD 599 – as well as the closed-back HD 569, with all four models featuring large ear cups and replaceable ear pads. Created by Sennheiser’s Ergonomic Acoustic Refinement (E.A.R.) technology, the headphones have been designed to more effectively channel the audio signal directly into the ears of the listener.

“Our HD 500 series has been an immensely popular choice for those wishing to step into a new world of high-quality home entertainment audio. We are excited to refresh the range with great new designs and enhanced comfort that makes indulging in your favourite music or TV series all the more pleasurable,” said Sennheiser’s Robin Schweizer.

The HD 599 combines an ivory color scheme with a headband finished with brown stitching and matte metallic detailing on the ear cups and headband, whereas the HD 579 features matte metallic detailing and a grey color scheme. The HD 569 also includes an optional 1.2-metre cable with an inline microphone and remote optimised for mobile devices.

Recommended retail pricing for the range will be set at £129.99 (HD 559), £149.99 (HD 569), £169.99 (HD 579) and £199.99 (HD 599). To find out more, pop along to:

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