PRS Guitars reveals the S2 Vela

PRS S2 Vela
PRS S2 Vela

PRS S2 Vela

The new, made-in-the-US, stripped-for-action Vela joins the Mira and Starla models in PRS’s ‘alt-guitars’ S2 line-up in stores next month

aster guitar maker PRS announces the newest addition to the S2 Series: the Vela. The model follows in the tradition of the Mira and Starla, boasting a new offset body shape with its pickguard loaded electronics, including a PRS-Designed Starla humbucker in the bridge and a PRS-Designed Type-D singlecoil in the neck.

The coil-tap on the tone control allows the bridge pickup to split into singlecoils, expanding the guitar’s tonal range. Anchoring this guitar is the new PRS plate-style bridge with two brass saddles that were designed to compensate for intonation and an aluminum plate, both of which help provide maximum tonal sustain. This bridge harkens back to Paul’s early designs and traditional bass plate-style bridges, but is top-loading for easy restringing.

The Vela is already making waves with artists, including Philadelphia-based psychedelic rock band Bardo Pond and the indie pop band Royal Teeth…

“PRS guitars are made with love and you can feel it when you play them. They are also made with an incredible understanding or what makes a great guitar. The Vela is a great rock guitar. It can do scuzz, fuzz, psych, punk, whatever you want, and it also can scream some insane leads I can’t get enough of this axe!” Michael Gibbons, Bardo Pond.

“The Vela nails all of the vintage tones I’ve become accustomed to in the studio and has become my go to live because of its stable intonation, tuning, and playability,” Thomas Onebane, Royal Teeth.

The S2 Vela will be available in Europe from April 2015, with a recommended retail price of £1,199/€1,699. For full specifications and more artist feedback, visit and hear the guitar in action below…

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