M-Audio announces Songwriter Suite

M-Audio Songwriter Software Suite
M-Audio Songwriter Software Suite

The Songwriter Software Suite for for M-Track interfaces, includes Strike 2, Mini Grand and Xpand!2

The music production brand arms songwriters with software from developer AIR Music Technology, including virtual instruments for drums and piano

InMusic’s production and recording technology brand, M-Audio has announced the Songwriter Software Suite for its M-Track II Series interfaces. Now purchasers of the M-Track II, M-Track Plus II, M-Track Eight and Vocal Studio Pro II will benefit from an additional virtual instrument collection that includes Strike 2, Mini Grand and Xpand!2 from the German software developer AIR Music Technology.

Strike 2 is a drum and arranger instrument featuring a sample library and performance engine, that grants access to 19 customisable kits recorded at the Blackbird Studios in Nashville, Tennessee. Mini Grand is a virtual instrument comprising seven piano sounds, combining production-ready piano samples, seven selectable piano models, re-pedaling technology and built-in room simulation. Completing the collection is Xpand!2, a multi-timbral workstation with an array of features from Wavetable to FM Synthesis to sample playback and 1000s of production-ready patches.

The Songwriter Software Suite is provided alongside the existing M-Track software bundle, which includes Waves Audiotrack, Waves Eddie Kramer Effect Channel, Waves TrueVerb, Albeton Live Lite and Cubase LE (M-Track Plus II only). The M-Track II series is also accompanied by Vocal Studio Pro II, an all-in-one recording and production package comprising an M-Track II audio interface, a large diaphragm condenser microphone and studio headphones. M-Track 8 completes the series line-up, which provides an expanded software suite to include Cubase LE, Waves L1 Ultramaximizer and Waves Manny Marroquin Delay.

“We are immensely excited about the inclusion of the Songwriter Suite with these M-Track interfaces,” commented J.C. Sutherland, M-Audio Product Manager. “The full-featured specification of the M-Track interfaces, alongside the included software bundle, guarantees immediate, impressive results that far exceed what the modest price-points suggest”.

M-Track interfaces including the Songwriter Software Suite are M-Track II (£69.99), M-Track Plus II (£89.99), M-Track Eight (£259.99) and Vocal Studio Pro II (£139.99). For more information, visit m-audio.com/microsites/m-track

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