Kurzweil Forte premium stage piano arrives in the UK

Kurzweil Forte
Kurzweil Forte

Forte stage piano – the most advanced keyboard ever to bear the Kurzweil logo

Distributor Sound Technology bring us the new Kurzweil Forte – the most advanced keyboard ever to bear the manufacturer’s logo

urzweil and their UK distributor Sound Technology have announced the arrival of the new Forte premium stage piano, which they say is the most advanced keyboard ever to bear the Kurzweil logo. Featuring patented FlashPlay technology, the Forte features a new sound engine based on Kurzweil-designed, providing faster access to its built-in 16GB sample memory, so it powers up quickly and there is no loading time when switching between sounds.

The Forte’s new piano sounds are modelled on German and Japanese grand pianos with a full range of dynamics, from the most delicate pianissimo to the full-on thunder of the heaviest fortissimo. The piano sounds utilize long unlooped samples allowing for harmonic interplay between sustained notes. Additionally, mechanical key release and pedal samples provide added realism. Also included are new orchestral percussion instruments such as celeste, bells, glockenspiel, chimes and crotales (hit and bowed).

Forte also features a large sound set from the PC3 Series and Kore64 expansion for a complete set of gig-ready sounds built using Kurzweil’s VAST Synthesis. Kurzweil’s KB2 ToneReal organ modelling, including 9 realistic drawbars, is also included. The B3 ToneReal organs now use none of the Forte’s 128 voices of polyphony.

The Forte user interface consists of a 480×272 pixel colour display, 9 sliders (lit with brilliant LED ladders), a dedicated front panel 3-band EQ (with sweepable mid), and a compressor. Front panel buttons for Categories and Favuorites allow users to customize their experience. DSP resources allow each sound to have more effects available for use – distortion, chorus, delay, reverb and other effects are controllable from the front panel sliders and switches.

The Kurzweil Forte stage piano is available now at a recommended retail price of £2,799. Below you can watch a video of Hannah Holbrook (SHEL) performing Tango On A Tightrope on the Forte (Program #6 Solo 7ft Grand). For more information take a look at: www.soundtech.co.uk/kurzweil

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