BluGuitar announces new pedal controllers

BluGuitar REMOTE1 and LooperKit
BluGuitar REMOTE1 and LooperKit

BluGuitar’s REMOTE1 and LooperKit – programmable switching system for AMP1 – presented by guitarist Thomas Blug

Guitarist Thomas Blug’s BluGuitar releases REMOTE1 and LooperKit – a programmable switching system for the AMP1 and additional effects pedals

Fronted by guitarist Thomas Blug, German manufacturer BluGuitar GmbH has announced that the REMOTE1 pedal for controlling and switching the BluGuitar AMP1 and optional LooperKit – a pedal switcher extension for REMOTE1 – are both available worldwide. With REMOTE1, all the functionality of AMP1 can be directly accessed via nine switches and organised in four banks with nine presets each and, with its built-in MIDI-out, guitar players can also switch programs of external MIDI effects devices, simultaneously. Adding the optional LooperKit turns the BluGuitar AMP1 into a programmable switching system with four independent true bypass relay loops for other effects pedals.

REMOTE1 also expands AMP1’s features by providing a switchable second master volume, programmable gain for all four channels and a programmable power soak. The channels CLEAN, VINTAGE, CLASSIC and MODERN can be directly addressed, plus it is possible to add BOOST, REVERB and FX-LOOP, and program a second master volume. All these, plus individual master volume, gain and power-soak settings, can be stored in presets. REMOTE1 is connected with AMP1 via one standard mono jack guitar or speaker cable, which also caters for the REMOTE1 power supply and data transfer.

The BluGuitar REMOTE1 is available for £249 with the BluGuitar LooperKit priced at £169. For more information, visit:

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