Blue introduces Lola headphones

Blue Headphones’ Lola
Blue Headphones' Lola

Blue Headphones’ Lola

Blue extends its line with a sealed over-ear high-fidelity headphone that features 50mm custom drivers and a lighter, slim-fit headband

Audio technology and design company Blue has announced Lola – a sealed over-ear high-fidelity headphone that introduces a new lighter, slim-fit headband. First introduced with the brand’s previous headphone model, Mo-Fi, Blue’s headband design features a four-point multi-jointed linkage system and pivoting arms that allow the headphones to stay parallel. Lola furthers this design to provide adjustability for any head shape and size, and its ear-shaped cups provide a seal around the ears.

Lola also shares the same custom 50mm drivers and enclosure architecture as the Mo-Fi headphone and cabinets behind the drivers maximise the volume of air around the drivers. According to its manufacturer, the result is a headphone that “delivers the accuracy of reference monitors while also providing that emotional inspiration that is so critical for songwriting and producing.”

CEO of Blue Microphones, John Maier goes on to explain, “Until now, making music on headphones meant living with flat, unemotional sound. Lola does what no headphone has done before—deliver mixes that translate, with a listening experience that feels dimensional and alive. Whether you’re tracking, mixing, or listening recreationally, Lola reveals new detail in your music without sounding clinical or cold.”

Blue’s Lola comes with a soft travel case, a 3m audio cable, a 1.5m audio cable with built-in mic and Apple iPhone/iPad controls, and a 3.5mm to quarter-inch adapter. Available from November in charcoal black and pearl white, the Lola’s suggested retail price will be $249.99 (approx. £163). For more information, visit:

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